Garnet & Herkimer 'Golden Hour' Bracelet

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Gemstone Properties & Lore

Hessonite Garnet, also known as Cinnamon Garnet, is rare and well-known for its ability to attract great, long-term wealth. It aligns you with the energetic frequency of success and reveals new sources for financial opportunities. It also encourages passion, romance, and love. This stone offers you the courage that you need to keep your relationship prosperous and growing.

Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all Quartz crystals. With a brilliant sparkle, they manifest pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. They are perfect conduits of universal Life Force, and are exceptional healing crystals that are used in meditations, dream and vision work.



  • Paired with Natural Red Garnet or Clear Quartz and strung on elastic cord
  • 18k Gold-plated accents
  • Available in size Petite, Standard or Medium or Large

Mala Care

  • Swimming, showering, sleeping with, or working out with your mala on should be completely avoided. 
  • Keep your mala beads stored in the muslin pouch we supplied you with to prevent oxidation and tarnishing.
  • Polish your mala beads with a 100% cotton cloth or special jewelry cleaning cloth only.
  • Hand-made mala beads are unique, precious, sacred and fragile. Please wear them with the utmost care.


A ♡ Note From The Maker

I use high quality, consciously sourced grade AAA natural gemstones onlyDue to the very nature of the earth and its beautiful formations, the stones in your Mala will vary in color, shape, and detail, making your Mala truly one-of-a-kind. Please allow up to two weeks for your items to be delivered and 2-4 weeks for hand-knotted Malas. I am committed to sourcing the highest quality gems and blessing each of your items with love and intention. Thank you for your patience as I do so! 

I've grown this shop from the ground up over the last 6+ years, working extremely hard to create beautiful, original pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Please be mindful of those who steal my original designs and concepts. I am happy to inspire others but I do not give permission to any other artists/shops to recreate my designs or steal my website copy, descriptions, photography or packaging. Thank you for supporting me and my work! I'm able to continue to create with intention and provide the spiritual community with beautiful tools to grow and bloom because of you. 

all the love,