My name is Tammy and I’m the creator and founder here at Malas In Bloom. I’ve been handcrafting small-batch, spirited mala beads from my home in California since 2014. I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to wake up in the morning and do what I love.

When I started my business, I was teaching yoga full-time and absolutely loving it. One of my teachers gifted me a Black Onyx Mala and I fell in love with its magic. In fact, everything seemed magical at that time. Our community was thriving and healthy and blooming.


I decided that I wanted to make a Mala myself, so I learned how to knot a set of traditional mala prayer beads by hand. After I made my first Mala, I would wear it while teaching my classes. Students and friends would ask where I got it. When I told them that I made it myself, many of them asked if I could teach them how to make a Mala. I was already teaching yoga workshops at the studio, so I asked the studio owner if I could host a Mala making workshop in her space. And that's how Malas In Bloom was born.


I never really intended to make and sell Mala Beads, but after teaching several Mala workshops in San Diego, word got around that I was a heartfelt maker. My first collection was a total of 10 Malas, and I made a website on Squarespace. From the very beginning, I have designed, created and photographed every piece myself. I write my website content and put my whole heart into this intentional work.


I went full-time with MIB and stopped teaching yoga in 2017. To be honest, it feels more like the path found me. I was just doing what I was passionate about and what I love. I've always loved meaningful jewelry. I also love helping people find meaning in their own life. 


I strive to create one-of-a-kind pieces that inspire healing, embody your divinity, and serve as a daily reminder for you to carry your intentions boldly out into the world. My beads are the highest quality you will find, intuitively chosen, and strung with love + care. If you should ever need help choosing the perfect Mala, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for being here. For supporting my brand, my dream.


From California with love, 

Tammy Fodrey